Colorful programs in rosalia creative hut

Rosalia welcomes the little fans in the creative hut. On Saturday and Sunday, children will be able to make magical gifts, ornaments, and small surprises.

Márta Molnárné Mód stole herself into the hearts of the festival-goers years ago with her expertise, kindness, and love for children. She put together this year's children's program very carefully as well. The smallest ones can tune in to the summer by coloring unique patterns, while the larger ones can get acquainted with the basic concepts of the quilling paper roll technique. In addition to making decorative paper pictures, the braver ones can learn 'nemezelés'. Speaking of Rosalia, you can't miss the corks, like the thousand-faced, recyclable raw material, from which you can create key-chains and cute figures.

With the help of the novelty doter, stone, cardboard even wood can be turned into a unique piece of design. Possibilities are limited only by the imagination of small designers. You can't miss the eternal hit, the making of the friendship bracelet, and now lesser-known but easy-to-learn techniques are presented, such as kumihimo or macramé, using colored beads and other decorative elements. And if you want to become a true festival-goer, all you have to do is choose your favorite hero, fairy tale figure, and symbol from a big book, which, on individual request, is accompanied by a bit of glitter on the charming faces and hands. The free program is available to small guests from Opening on Saturdays and Sundays until early evening.