Creative corner, fun and laughter

It's worth bringing the whole family to the park this year with children, grandparents, friends and of course the four-legged friends, as Rosalia offers special activities for the small and the big ones on Saturday and Sunday.

For years, more and more hard-working hands have been making beautiful souvenirs and small gifts in the Creative Corner's tent. From jewellery made from cork stoppers, heat-shrinkable foil or leather to small treasures and key rings, you can learn the simple technique of making pom-pom figures from colourful yarn. Making leather bracelets will be a real workshop for older boys and girls, but what makes a bracelet really trendy and unique? Each piece will be adorned with a Rosalia pendant!

You'll need everyone in the family to make paper, because using a paper press is a real team effort! The wind-dried, Rosalia-printed sheets of paper will look great on the kids' room walls at home, recalling the summer spirit all year round.

And what makes every child a true festie? Of course, the beautiful face painting with butterflies, fairies, animals and superheroes and the exciting, unique glitter tattoos that are not to be missed this year.

To the delight of music-loving kids, Éva Bolba on Saturday and Eszter Bíró on Sunday will get the merry crowd of children dancing from the Rosalia platform, while telling exciting stories.