Did you know that your dog's favourite festival is Rosalia?

Rosalia is not only a favourite festival for rosé lovers, but also one of the most popular events for puppies and their owners. So make sure you don't leave your four-legged friend at home, because we've got some super activities for you.

Last year's Jókutya Dog School was a huge success, so this year we're bringing you a fresh, new edition. There will be obedience, agility and hoopers demonstrations with some of the most skilled apprentices at the dog school, and the more experienced can even learn a few command words and tricks from what they see. There will also be free doggy sessions and the star of Dog Dancing, Orsi Kríz, will be there with her talented canine friend.

Younger children will be able to pet and walk the school's friendliest dogs and even draw a picture of their fluffy pet.


Bowls full of cool water will be available all day at the event's doggo refreshment point for thirsty pups.



The Jókutya Dog School's activities are open on Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 16 pm:


  • 12:20 Agility demonstration


  • 13:30 Interactive doggy classes


  • 14:10 Hoopers demonstration


  • 15:00 Tricks, obedience demonstration with retrievers


  • 15:30 Dog Dancing with Orsi Kríz and her pupils