Sunday Brunch at Rosalia Festival

Sunday Brunch is a program focused on champagnes, sparkling wines, fresh rosés, crisp whites, and matching snacks on Sunday, June 12, the last day of the event, from 11:00 to 14:00.

In the case of the Rosalia Festival, Sunday morning was always a bit of a headache. Some people chose the comfort of their home over the trees of the Liget. Of course, we can understand this, but we thought a lot about what would be a pretty tempting alternative. That's when the idea for Sunday Brunch was born.

Sunday Brunch is a program focused on champagne, sparkling wines, fresh rosés, crisp whites, and matching snacks on June 12, from 11:00 to 14:00.

We hope that it will not only attract the attention of those who are walking by but will also attract people to the Liget for some liberated, intimate hours.
And if you're reading these lines on Friday or Saturday, we're looking forward to you starting Sunday with us. If you already have your glass, all you have to do is be here again – and what better place to be on a summer weekend?

What we're offering:

  • #picnicstyle – if you feel like enjoying the taste of your brunch in the green grass of Liget, feel free to lay down on our blankets
  • Gastronomic exhibitors are waiting for you with some serious gourmet hits and exclusive discounts.
  • The wineries participating in the program are also preparing various promotions. Mainly something matchy with your summer vibes ;)
  • Törley Champagne Cellar is preparing a surprise. We can't wait to see what it is
  • If you have a coupon for the VinAgora stall, you'll meet some excellent champagnes and sparkling wines from the top of the VinAgora
  • Giant deckchairs are waiting for you to let you chill a bit
  • We will draw some of the Liget Baskets during this period
  • We are waiting for families with children's programs

If you buy a glass that day, you will also receive a more detailed flyer at the checkout. We hope that in the company of excellent wine, the idea of a delicious late breakfast or early lunch spent in the fresh air has moved your imagination and we will meet you at Rosalia Sunday Brunch! :)