Croatia in the spotlight

How great would it be if you didn't have to spend days searching for some fine Croatian wines on your next trip to the country. The VinAgora International Wine Competition is now helping winelovers in this quest for the best.

News | 2023. 02. 10.

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For many years, Croatia has been one of the most popular vacation destinations for many tourists from all around the world, which is no wonder regarding the azure blue sea, endless hours of sunshine, hundreds of lovely islands and the versatility of the landscape. Every year, around 19 million people visit the country, including many winelovers who like to get to know the local gastronomy and prefer to consume quality Croatian wines recognized by international standards. The newest goal of VinAgora International Wine Competition is to be a match-maker between excellent Croatian wines and foreign wine enthusiasts.


How can VinAgora assist you?

The campaign announcing the results of the competition focuses on the promotion of Croatian achievements. In our newsletter, website, social media platforms, and press releases, we raise the awareness about those Croatian wines, which performed outstandingly at VinAgora.

After the wine competition, consumers who subscribed to the VinAgora newsletter will receive information about exactly where in Croatia they can buy the Croatian wines that won the medal, so vacationers can come to the beach prepared and purposefully visit the wineries and wine shops where they can buy bottles decorated with a VinAgora medal sticker.

The results search engine of the VinAgora website also includes the specific contact details where the wines can be purchased in the description of medal-winning wines.

Croatian wines will be also featured at the Rosalia Wine Picnic (in City Park, Budapest) and the Budapest Wine Festival (in the Buda Castle) events, so that those who plan their vacation in a different direction this year can also taste them without making a trip to Croatia.


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