NÉBIH control of VinAgora gold medalist wines

Hungarian authorities once again found everything alright during a random check-up of the best wines of VinAgora International Wine Competition.

Results | 2019. 09. 10.

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Last year VinAgora, Hungary’s only international wine competition started a novel cooperation with the country’s National Food Security Office (NÉBIH) to add another layer to the already-high credibility of the contest. The project has been continued this year after the success of 2018. The goal was to check whether the wine samples that were entered to the competition are identical to the respective market products for which NÉBIH had issued a trade permission. In other words, the organizers of VinAgora wanted to make sure there is no winemaker trying to gain an unjustified market advantage with the help of ’special’ competition samples.

Details of the investigation

The initiative is unique even by international standards. It started by selecting randomly every fifth wine of the more than 100 gold medalist participants of VinAgora International Wine Competition. The chosen samples were then examined by NÉBIH and the analytical results compared to the competition’s application data, and the numbers on the trade permission of the wine. The outcome is positive since the samples under control were in every case identical to the ones featured on the application sheets, and the wines circulating in the market. Representatives of VinAgora and NÉBIH agreed in maintaining random inspections of competition wines in the future as well.