Rosalia Festival Rosalia Festival

July 2-4, 2021
City Park, Budapest

Happy 10th birthday, Rosalia Festival!

That we will properly celebrate soon, together with you. If allowed, it will happen!

The number 01 summer wine festival of Budapest since 10 years

We started in 2012, years have been passing by quickly, and here we are now in 2021, watching our beloved event grow almost adolescent. A lot happened in the last decade: an early audience of a thousand people swelled to thirty thousand; we moved from the right bank of the Danube to the left, into City Park Budapest; the number of exhibitors and programs multiplied. But the story is by far not over yet. We have a new sponsor, SPAR Hungary; the festival will have its own rosé wine, available across the country; and there are numerous other birthday surprises in the pipeline. We look at the past with heart-warming nostalgia, we adore the present, and we see the future in as pink as possible! City Park, we are coming!

Rosalia 2020 in photos...

Rosalia is here, just a bit different. #againstallodds we will not leave you without Rosalia. You can check out these pictures from the shooting.

Rosalia 2019 aftermovie

Of course, we have moving pictures as well! Rosalia feeling in the park, green oasis in the midst of the city's hustle-bustle for everyone from young to old, the thirsty, and the hungry. This is just a short teaser of our colourful programs – if you really want to live the miracle, join us now online so we can meet personally next year.