Rosalia Festival

9th Rosalia Festival

June 19-21, 2020
City Park, Budapest

Rosé and sparkling wine festival in the heart of Budapest

See you in 2020!


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Let's start the festival season together!

Spend a splendid weekend under the trees of City Park, Budapest! Have a glass of wine, make friends with others, enjoy free concerts, and pick your favorite rosé, or sparkling wine for the open-air season! Although astronomers say summer only starts in June, rosélovers do not have to wait that long. At Rosalia Festival in 2020 we celebrate spring and greet summer for the ninth time: the Park will be sparkling again, hearts will be buzzing, we will see the world in pink, feeling happy about each other, and the here-and-now.

Rosalia 2019 in photos...

Rosalia - Rosé and Sparkling Park opens again in 2020! Maybe it seems a bit far away now but until you are waiting for refreshing summer wines, tasty bites, and superb concerts browse through the best moments of the 2019 event.

... and on video

Of course, we have moving pictures as well! Rosalia feeling in the park, green oasis in the midst of the city's hustle-bustle for everyone from young to old, the thirsty, and the hungry. It is only a snapshot of what we have on offer, if you would like to live it, come and join us next time!