Rosalia Festival

may 31 - june 2, 2024
City Park, Budapest

When I say summer, you say... City park, garden party, picnic, flavours, smells, sunshine and of course chilled rosé. There was plenty to go around for everyone at this year's Rosalia Wine Picnic with plenty of laughter, great vibes, the most heartfelt conversations and never-ending partying. Wasn't it great to spend the afternoon laying on the picnic blanket and dancing until dawn in the Rosalia Lounge, the ultimate outdoor club atmosphere? Thank you for the laughs, the happy smiling faces and the kind words that we won't forget for a long time! We look forward to seeing you again next year with a varied programme, music performances, gourmet street food and of course lots of sparkling wine and rosé

Rosalia 2024 in photos...

In 2024, we opened the summer festival season together in City Park. The atmosphere was great, we tasted delicious roses and lots of sparkling wine, ate heavenly snacks, talked and had party until dawn. Here are some pictures if you want to recharge your batteries on a gloomy day.

Rosalia Wine Picnic

Of course, we have moving pictures as well! Rosalia feeling in the park, green oasis in the midst of the city's hustle-bustle for everyone from young to old, the thirsty, and the hungry. This is just a short teaser of our colourful programs – if you really want to live the miracle, meet at the City Park!