Rosalia Festival Rosalia Festival

June 5-6, 2020
Facebook live

Rosalia #againstallodds? Yes, at your place!

In safe distance

Say cheers! Together, but separately!

Summer is almost here, and here we are as well. Unfortunately, we cannot meet personally, but we have the opportunity to see each other live – online. On June 5 and 6 during our online festival our visitors will see home made concerts, live interviews and wine tastings. Although, all the programs is going to be in Hungarian, you are more than welcome to join us – we have some special offers for you too. Leave your problems behind and enjoy this weekend with us - #againstallodds taste the Rosalia feeling.

Wine and food #againstallodds

Wine and food #againstallodds

A borászoktól most online rendelheted meg kedvenc rozédat, habzódat, így hát ne habozz ;), ragadd meg a lehetőséget és tárazz be a legkiválóbb borokból, hogy legyen mit kortyolgatnod a Rosalia alatt!

You cannot taste it at the festival, but you can taste it at home! Check out what our online exhibitors have to offer, order, and enjoy it while you are watching our live stream on Facebook.

Wine and food #againstallodds Programs #againstallodds
Show #againstallodds

Show #againstallodds

Véletlenül se érezd azt, hogy műsorról és zenéről nem gondoskodunk, érdekes programokkal, koncertekkel és beszélgetésekkel színesítjük a napodat!

Although all the interviews are going to be in Hungarian, there will be short concerts and live music as well during our live stream. So if you join us, you will be entertained - and you might learn some Hungarian words :)

Show #againstallodds

Rosalia 2020 in photos...

Rosalia is here, just a bit different. #againstallodds we will not leave you without Rosalia. You can check out these pictures from the shooting.

Last year's festival on video

Of course, we have moving pictures as well! Rosalia feeling in the park, green oasis in the midst of the city's hustle-bustle for everyone from young to old, the thirsty, and the hungry. This is just a short teaser of our colourful programs – if you really want to live the miracle, join us now online so we can meet personally next year.