Taste the Vinagora Medal Wines!

Find out all about the VinAgora International Wine Competition and taste a winning wine at the stand.

Who hasn't seen the medal stickers on wine bottles in the shops? The medal-winning wines of the VinAgora International Wine Competition also carry this shiny sticker, but many people don't know what the medals actually mean. The VinAgora booth will be at Rosalia Wine Picnic again this year, where those who buy a Deluxe glass package will be able to taste the hidden treasures of the competition. At the booth, questions about the wine competition and winemaking will be answered by knowledgeable young people.

VinAgora, our country's only internationally accredited wine competition, was held for the 25th time this April. The results of the wine competition are now available on www.vinagora.hu. It's worth browsing the list of winning wines, as curious visitors can find some real VinAgora treasures at Rosalia's wine exhibitors.